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Ever Feel Stuck in the Yuck at 3 AM?

Painting with words "I make art to show my soul that I am listening."

We all get stuck. And un-stuck. It’s an over and over process. You may be stuck because: You’re afraid to take a new step. You need more information to get to: Yes. Or, you’re just not ready.   Maybe you’re stuck at a job you hate. Stuck in a not-working relationship. Or stuck because you…

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Little girls beneath an apple tree, playing with apples.

When I first meet with Evolving Eaters and we talk about their previous experiences with Mindful Eating, I realize, they have NOT been practicing Mindful Eating… …they’ve been practicing Fear Mind Eating. They say, When I try to eat Mindfully: ~It feels like I’m being asked to sit and be present with all my stress…

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Let it Breathe A While

On my easel today. Desire to keep fussing w/it, but I’ll let it breathe a while instead. This painting has had many lives. I’ve worked, waited, layered, fretted. I kept going thru my doubt and fear. #Paintingmakesmebrave

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The Very First Painting

This was my very first painting called, “That’s Quite a Story.” It was a moment of facing my fear. I had no idea what I was doing. I grabbed a piece of Xerox paper, bubble wrap, an old credit card (had no brushes), my few containers of craft paint– and–wildly smeared, played, pressed, dripped. I…

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Sweet Resolution

Finishing this one up. So serene at the surface, beneath – layers of loud, of expression, movement, emotion, the moment. And then, finally– resolution. Why I love to paint! #paintingmakesmebrave

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First Show Up

First: Show up. Then: Play. Which means: let go and trust your intuition. Limited palette study on cheap paper. FUN! #paintingmakesmebrave

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