I’m an Intuitive, Abstract Painter.
My mantra is, “I don’t know, let me see.”
Love taking the beginner’s seat & opening to the moment.
I start with playfulness, experimentation and looseness.
I surrender, and see what happens.
I like to be surprised as I paint—secret doorways, unexpected connections.


Susan painting at easel
“Art is a map to self-discovery.”
~ Gabrielle Roth


My Process

I paint on wood, canvas and paper, using acrylic paints and mediums, inks, pencil, graphite, paper and fabric.
I use a variety of marking and scraping tools, many found on NYC streets.
I begin with scribbles, gestures and marks.
To me, painting is a dance, (dance is another passion)! Make a mark, a move, then step back and consider, what is the painting asking for next?
I paint what I feel. I allow my intuition to lead. I often change my mind! Surfaces can become messy, chaotic.
Multiple layers allow for change, transformation, as I build up chapters of narrative.
Some marks, moves, layers, are partially or totally obscured. These become the history of the painting.
Each painting is a journey, an intimate conversation; moments of action, moments of reflection.


Artist Statement:

My paintings are stories of change.
They reflect the experience of being human.
How we move through life, loss, change. How we navigate chaos and uncertainty.
How we get lost, and find our way again.
I’m interested in expressing a personal language, a multi-layered, complex narrative.
My intention is that the viewer find beauty, emotional resonance, mystery and a story within each of my paintings.



Native New Yorker, I've lived happily on both coasts and several states in between.
BS in Education, MS Nutrition, MFA Creative Writing, Mills College, CA.
Mindfulness Coach 30+ years.
For over 20 years, I wrote & published short fiction & non-fiction.
When I felt dry or stuck, I’d scribble crayon drawings, or doodle with colored pencils, until I could find the words.
Several years ago, I began playing with watercolors, then acrylics, and was swept away.
I find painting endlessly fascinating, mirroring and meditative.
Mostly self-taught, I’ve had the pleasure of studying with amazing artists: Nicholas Wilton, Nancy Hillis, Ardith Goodwin.